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Keeping in pace with latest trends in VoIP communication sector, we present Adore Softphone . This VoIP calling software resides on your computer as a “Virtual Phone” and allows you to make cheapest international calls. Adore SIP Software is a premium software based on leading SIP standards and is cramped with latest features and user options to give you an enthralling calling experience. This software is compatible for all set of internet enabled devices and delivers outstanding call quality. You can call to any landline, mobile phones and PC around the world. Softphone is complies on SIP industry standards, and is fully interoperable with most major Internet Telephone service provider (ITSP) and VOIP software and hardware. The intuitive Graphical User Interface allows easy user interface and can be easily customized as per your needs and preferences.

VoIP Softphone is meant for lucrative revenue generation at a relatively low investment. It makes VoIP calls to different countries around the world using SIP servers for cheap calling. With new V 3.0.0 technology, you can now access several user options and special functionalities. It also allows the user to record calls, make conference calls, redial, speed dial and even transfer calls easily. Softphone comes with default NAT/ Firewall and STUN server support. The call quality with it is simply outstanding with features like Silence Suppression, Echo Cancellation, Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Comfort Noise Generator to name a few. Adore has developed this software so similar to a highly advance phone to deliver optimum calling experience. The user interface has customized skin options to choose from. In addition, other features like call timer, redial, one touch call, address/ contact book, Microphone volume control, Speaker volume control and many more won’t let you miss a real phone at all. All features work effectively and deliver tactical advantage to businesses using this innovative VoIP communication. With it companies can make low long distance call rates over a competent communication network to earn customer patronage and high ROI. SIP based communication is a best suited solution to avail premium calling experience at very low prices. Try Adore Softphone now. You can also download a demo version of it and try it out for free. Get a hands-on experience of this software before you place an order. Robust Performance, Distinctive Design and to offer exhilarating and refined communication experience at competitive prices has been the talisman of our success. Adore assures you the best VoIP solutions and top-notch customer support 24X7.

Words from our customers

I have been working with Adore for the last ten years recommending you as i was an employee then. For the last 2 years i have enjoyed planning and now working personally with your team. Your support and understanding is exactly the kind of culture that is needed to succeed and expand into African market. We are also now working together on my government project tender for VoIP. I have enjoyed working with you , thats why i have recommended you to government departments for use. As we are in this region we have had some challenges and the project has seen some delays but i am confident from this point we will see the end. Thank you for your patience and support , you guys are good !
Bardwell Mandioma
Bonda Solutions, Zimbabwe
“We have joined hands with ADORE INFOTECH PVT.LTD last year for VoIP calling facilities and till date we appreciate their dedication towards work. We are always thankful for their continuous support, understanding and specially for Quick Responses over all kind of issues which we have raised”
Rajender Singh, Technology Head (OTA)
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"I am very pleased with where we are with ADORE INFOTECH PVT.LTD today. It has been a good relationship and the people are very good. I think they are doing a good job. The people’s hearts are at the right place and I think it is going to be a high ride."
Mudassar Butt
Globus Telecom, Germany